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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Greatest system ever for NFL Handicapping

OK only you can see this blog it is non public private and you need to go direct to the URL i sent you.

WARNING do NOT give this to anybody for FREE remember YOU paid for this. IF you have close friends or families Just tell them why to bet on a team because if they get access to this start spreading it around for free that goes against the DMCA laws which   is against my Copyrights.

 WILL be at bottom of this website, blog.

1st explaining the abbreviation the blog keys what they mean S/U means they lost the game outright as favorite. Also won the game as a DOG! DIV. means the game(s) were inside there div. NON Div or just NON means the games were played vs teams that are not in their division. FADE or Fading means BET AGAINST Bet ON means exactly that. w/ means with or in addition to. ATS means against the spread or vs the number. Or MORE i use > means more than. As in 20 points or more Wins or losses.

AT top of each teams page YOU will see last years Totals of Points scored = PF and Points allowed PA

either a + or - sign for result of points per game PPG  and that number is shown like this it will look like

PF 391  PA 480  - 5.56 PPG  you will have to use these 1st two weeks of nfl because 1 game isnt enough to asses or use handicapping teams vs the number. this works believe me i some times nailed margin of victory and the score of each team. YOU will see when a spread is way off where it should be. Try to track spread moves from Mon thru sat. THE public will give you an edge many times per season.


Both ways by pumping up favorites 1 - 3 1/2 points more or by biting the dog too much. The heavy hitters effect the early moves rare they move last hr of game day. And thats only about 5% of all USA that can whip up $5000 to $10,000 on any game.

Thats what my rules are built upon what the real pros do and do not do every year.

I know quite a few of them that lived here and went out to Vegas ......... long ago i went there to stay at my good friends Jimmy's place i think it was in 98 when i started my systems and was able to develop a super edge.

HE passed away long ago 2004 i think.


I use terms like post which means after it occurs as in the after bye weeks section or after a spread in the 0-7 point range WIN or lost vs that spread and if the win or lost was vs div team marked by D and what the % is if i marked it with an asterisk in my note book * it means they lost the game as a favorite of any or won the game as a DOG. I only show you the results in numbers like so.

Each team will have this in each catergory  EX: 1 W 12 L over all 0-4 vs div with (W) 3 s/u losses

leaves it with 1-8 vs NON div and w/ 4 s/u losses or just L. Remember when the Loss number is higher than the Win number that means YOU fade that team in that spot THE Losses are YOUR Wins. Many times YOU will see me say Combined That means YOU combine the negative with a positive LIKE THIS :

in The Wins section A Team is 7- 2 in Div games Thats bet on BUT vs Non Div Teams they are 1-9 so add the 7 wins to 9 losses = 16 Wins for you and add the 2 Losses to 1 Win thats 3 losses for you!

 Now you have a 16- 3 record a huge Win % 84.2% and profits at $100 each bet of $1270 divided by years of results might be only 11 that would mean YOUR average $ won per year is $115.45 if it was over past 15 years then your money won would be $84.66 trust me your bookie will fear your phone call.

Explaining systems vs trends : systems apply to all 32 teams in NFL a trend is only specific to that one team under certain circumstances these trends are usually in div. games most of the time.


NOW for certain situations i have found to be 95% or 100% every year the 100% has nothing to do with stats figures it is something i have lost from years ago that created the system.

95% system bet against or fade any team that lost the game in OT as a DOG of any. This is truly devastating to any team YOU can see the player fall to ground crying after dropping the pass to score a TD that would have won the game.

also known as a heart breaking loss.

98% fade (bet against) any dogged team that lost the game by 1 point exactly 100% if it was in OT.

I mean really lost the game by 1 point not because of HC going for it on 4th down or some rare rule in NFL. or player caused it by taking helmet off or some other infraction giving ball back to other team.

EXAMPLE and Result i remember 10 point dog Panthers away donked a FG at games end next week Panthers got crushed at home as a favorite.

100% loss my own home and home system. This means facing a NON div foe as a favorite and losing the game outright looking ahead to a DIV rival next home game.

EXample result 2011 wk 9  KC chiefs - 5.5 lost to Dolphins 31-3 next home game vs Div rival Broncos

as fav. -3 LOST the game s/u 17-10 also notice game before +3 at home vs Chargers div. rival they won as a DOG 23-20 on MNF so this was a trap game for chiefs.

100% never lost rare that it happens but it's my own system .....last year it failed but there was a play against on Bengals they scored in 30's twice demolishing two bad teams  before traveling To Steelers who lost the game before as a favorite to Dolphins as a 3 pt fav. they lost s/u 34-28 I fell into sucker bet Bengals -2

OK no wait it was one game Bengals only scored high huge blowout win 42-28 vs the colts 5 point fav. but again my new system had cincy busting the 100 point margin within 5 games. scored 17 + 41 (bye week) + 17 +42  58 +59 = 117 points in 4 games. This is why you use both teams situations YOU have to focus every week and limit your plays in the high % situations 70% and up.

Still i hold this system at 100% requirements the home team must be a favorite from opening line to closing line they must LOSE the game at home with a div. home game up next in other words looking ahead.

NEXT 100% system never ever lost and even if teams are dogged the emotional collapse occurs.

Remember the Colts with the coach strong games 2012 ? HERE we go 3 times they collapsed from huge emotional wins dedicating game to HC in hospital.

wk 5 colts rested + 3 vs Packers losing 21-0 at half mount a come back and win 30-27 the players on field looked they just won the AFC finals lol ok not afc cause it was Packers lets say final game to make playoffs ... Ya know hugging cheering yelling Coach Coach ..nest week + 3 at horrible JETS lost the game 35-9 OMG yes i hammered the JETS knowing what was coming later on in season Cheerleaders shave heads to show support for  HC  Colts at div rival home Jags - 3 points win 27-10 also note colts had bye week before Jags came. Next week + 10 points at old nemesis house PAtriots got smoked 59-24

week 17 Coach Pagano is back with team + 6.5 vs Texans who never win @ Colts omg gimmie my money now ... Colts win for Coach 28-16 next game Playoffs WC @ ravens +7 points LOST 24-9 of course a rookie QB never leads team to the bowl never with a rookie HC also never happens.

ONLY since the Bowls started in NFL;;; before that we had rookie QB's win the championship Games.

Last year The Dolphins week 15 at home vs Patriots squeak a win as a 2 1/2 favorite. I'm seeing this live after game Phins players cheering like they won the playoff game crying hugging each other Because they now were playoff eligble only need to win vs Bills and Jets or just 1 win ...............nope didnt happen @ bills final line +1 pt ATE a doughnut 19-0 loser next week - 7 home to the Jets LOST game s/u 20-7.

I look back in my marc lawrence playbook 2006 and what do i see;;;  same exact melt down by Phins Beat Pats week 14  21-0 Lose to @ Bills 21-0  LOL mirrored score. week 16 home to JETS - 2.5 points ??? LOST game 13-10

seems to BE dolphins motive operandi win in sept lose in december .

That's only two results of teams coming in off huge emotional wins collapsing next week.

Happened every year at least once since i started handicapping teams using the human factor.

Last year only 1 team beat Seahawks at Seattle their rival Cardinals pulled off huge upset! WHY ? Always a reason and i missed it but some how stayed off that game. Cardinals wanted to payback for getting trounced there year before 58-0 . so of course cards come home favored in their strongest win spot ever final home game vs a div rival BUT going from a DOG to fav -3 points vs 49ers as usual Cards blew it 100% vs div rivals now at 0-4 vs div teams when flipping roles and s/u as a favorite. Cards are now 1-12 ats vs any team after winning as DOG then chalked next game. THEEEEE worst team in NFL when being favored after a s/u dog win. 92.3% fades Bet against them dont bother to handicap the game.


YOU see it's teams failures that make YOU the most cash not their winning spots the after effects are causing upsets. YOU are now looking at games like odds makers do YOU have no favorite team YOU remove your emotions when betting because YOU only have one goal and thats to MAKE MONEY! Not win Money you now treat betting as a business a job YOU apply what i teach you and i guarantee you will never lose again in any season. Hey i been at this for over 40 years.

ANOTHER KEY i use is when a team wins game s/u after  losing by 10 points or more week before. I will refer to it as Bounce Back win abbreviated like this After a B B S/U winoff a 10PT > loss

IT would be like this result from last year Miami Dolphins @ Saints L 38-17 - 3 points To Ravens at home L  26-23 Bye week -10 pts Vs Bills L 23-21 +6.5 pts @ PATS L 27-17 +2 points Vs Bengals WIN 22-20 next game @ Tampa Bay MNF - 2 1/2 pts LOST 22-19  Many times Teams will crash after recovering from a huge loss in next game rare dolphins after rest still went on losing.

League wide system LAST year JAGS pulled it off and this so far it is 100% ATS and s/u sometimes

JAGS lost 1st 8 games went 1-7 ATS Then rested ;;;this is key the bye week later in season on these losers

YOU want it to happen later in season not like after 1st 4 weeks preferably after week 6 then get a bye and absolutely MUST be a DOG of +6 or more points Home or away! SO jags + 9 1/2 pts @ div rivals Titans house WIN the Game 29-27.

This dosen't occur every year but it happens 100% Money when it's later in season like after week 7 i dont recall any happening when losing only 1st 4 games then bye week at 5 then dogged by 6 > points and winning the bet.


right now jags might repeat again in this system

 Giants won before bye week last year week 7 & 8  and sure enough after rest blew the cover vs the horrible raiders THATS your NYG after rest under Coughlin fade them as a chalk o hell you'll see in teams section below.

Another 100% System all teams effected!  FADE any Veteran team opening new home in same area or City.  This year will be the 49ers Home opener of NEW home Levi Stadium VS the Bears. SO far every NFL team was favored and has lost the game s/u. EXCEPT the NYG they didnt have any pre game hoopla with live bands balloons fireworks half time special show BUT THE Jets did and dropped the game to THE Balty Ravens as a 1.5 point fav a 10-9 LOSS!

THE others who fell into this were in order NY JETS 2010 then  Cowboys -3 vs NYG 2009 Lost 33-31

EAGLES -4 2003 vs defending Champs the Bucs on MNF LOST 17-0. Oooooo Yes THE COLTS the P. Manning Colts - 10 1/2 pts in 2008 grand opening of Lucas Oil new stadium LOST THE GAME S/U 29-13  Would teasers work in any of these games YES JETS and Cowboys but why do it just bet on the Visiting team.

AGAIN they must have this huge celebratory grand opening all the hoopla everything for the emotional letdown effect to take place.

BTW works in all sports MLB too Yanks and Mets both opened NEW digs BOTH lost thier home openers and NYY was a - 210 Fav. Vs Cleve Indians Mets were - 160 fav great way to start the MLB season huh! +195 W +140 W 




I'm seeing that 49ers are having it so take the Bears week 2 i think your going to see 10 point spread or more as usual Playoff teams will be overpriced vs non playoff Teams in week 1 but this time it happens wk 2 for 49ers wk 1 SF plays away @ cowboys 

BUT Dallas cowboys team might still hold grudge from TO days when he celebrated after scoring TD's by standing on the star at midfield. HMMMM that was OLD Cowboys stadium Stll i know 49ers will be favored I expect them to NOT cover the spread AT Dallas but stay away it's a coin flip game.

Another system kind of almost 100% When a HOME team has half time celebration like former player goes up on wall of fame they BLOW the cover in 2nd half. Or have former championship team come in at half TIME pumping up team or former Championship HC that kind of false hype these teams all have failed to cover the spread.

HUMAN Emotional psychological effect. ONCE you read into it throw the point spread out the window it will not factor in the game only when it's having former player added to wall or former Champ team pays visit and run films of thier glory days all through half time etc...

 OK New video plus the 1st one i think i can add here so you have it to watch as you go along.

I will call you when a system is in effect i prefer it that way it will be on game day making sure we have that LOCK . Another thing stop saying that saying the word LOCK is a jinx I show you when you have a lock using all tools i use every year and it's so good one year i went 14-0 ATS yes 100% winners but i didnt bet all 14 games wasnt sure about MNF game Broncos at horrible Ravens but late spread move 2 points gave me it  Ravens + 9 1/2 WON game!

YES only 1 time i did it BUT can you say that? Will it happen again ? Maybe but i only stick with my systems so i doubt very much i will hit all games 100% ats with NO ties.

Thats another thing NFL fact the amount of times a fav. dosent cover the spread is 19% of all games either making a push or win by less than the spread. Tracked it for years always around 19% .

There are 256 games per year counting Thurs. Saturdays and Monday's  this means only 48 or 49 games the spread effects your wager.

Another thing The thursday night games we used to have strong edge on home team like 100% winners.

BUT now it's every week and i notice that when team has to travel home to play on thursday they are really at huge disadvantage Because thats two travels in 4 days traveled SAT to

Play sunday leave sunday to get home on Monday no practice Mon maybe rest until tuesday. SO they all are failing to cover and all were chalked. NOW last Year Denver blew it - 10 to chargers but i saw a spread way too high beings broncos just waxed a bad Titans team on it's 3rd st road game 51-28 add that result to last 3 denver bust the 100 pt margin and couldnt produce enough offense because they emptied the Tank vs Titans. Patriots also wk 2 had to travel home from buffalo vs The JETS Pats heavily chalked -10.5 almost lost the game 13-10 W

When we get to end of year i will show you other systems that will 100% tell you who makes the superbowl and WINS it the actual stats matter.  In the superbowl matchup last year the surprise favored Team Denver got ears handed to them. They were a superbowl fraud.


LEAGUE Wide system FADE your Favored Playoff teams WEEK 1 next year that means those teams that played a playoff game will be overpriced  vs a NON playoff team Win % is like 59%  i think I will tally it up after i finish updating all teams in my note book add it here or better yet make a video of it..

 SO this year

Heres who to fade week 1 FADE SAINTS @ Rival Falcons fade Bengals @ Ravens  Fade Panthers @ Buccaneers Ohhh of Course Fade Broncos the superbowl Loser VS Colts  Take the TD i expect Colts to WIN it. Forget about Peyton facing his former team happened last year at Indy they went down in flames as a favorite of 6 1/2   hmmmmmmmmmm Seahawks home vs Packers hmmmmm it's the mid week opener sept.4th  I still like Seahawks cracking Packers by at least 10  Fade Eagles vs Jags has to be huge chalk.

Chargers @ Cardinals on MNF wow ok Chargers schedule they have huge home opener vs the Champs Seahawks Fade them @ Cards as a Fav of any.   49ers Fade at Cowboys as Fav. of Any Fade Chiefs vs Titans.

ULTRA IMPORTANT READ NOW : NEVER use two systems against same team when playing in same place of course it's at home. ONLY happened twice but I must say just stay off the game heres when it happened ...2008   DOLPHINS +3 @ Texans Cover lost by 1 pt 28-29 Home favored by 3 to ravens NON div LOST game S/U 13-27 with Bills up next a div rival  Dolphins a pckem walloped their rivals 25-16 The 1st system fade was because of losing the game by 1 point exactly that pulls trigger as a favorite at home vs anybody BUT now my home and home and home system was not to be used because it was on same team in same spot.


 NEXT one was JETS 2010 MNF home grand celabration opening new stadium - 1 1/2 points LOST to NON DIV foe Ravens 9-10 looking ahead to Patriots you would say but not the situation was the grand celabratory opening of new home SO week 2 at home a DOG of 3 won vs rival Patriots 28-14.

Here's another win system BET ON 100% when former HC visits his old team within 3 yrs must occur maybe 2 not sure BUT they all have Won the game then fade them when return home favored vs a team that was not in that old division as in andy reid got lucky to face the Giants at home who's wheels fell off early

Matter of fact he won vs his whole div last year Cowboys no cover ;

Win Giants and at Redskins hell he played against them for 13 years.

SO GO look at Tampa Bay right now old bears coach is there Lovie smith and former HC of Vikings Leslie Frazier They might beat the whole former north NFC div. Defintelyy @ Bears Lovie still knows his former team Get Vikings and Packers at Home in Tampa Play @ Lions but they did win last year @ Lions who were looking ahead to turkey day match vs Rival Packers.


BTW thats when my home n home system is not in effect it's at 50% on thursday night games also of course when a team is rested also if rival comes in cluster injuries stay on home team only happend once was NYG vs Eagles missing 16 starters

I have another League wide system too and it's running like 100%  fading teams. They try to create false sense of strength by having former championship team at half time or former player number retired name put up on wall something like that they all were favored and all lost the money 100% .

 Theres another special secret in my systems for YOU thats worth Millions of Dollars for life.

YOUR Super Bowl champs must have two colleges represented on field dressed to play the game.

They are of course the two winningest schools of all time USC trojans and Mich. U Wolverines.

I tried pulling up rosters of all Champs but not all are listed showing the schools players came from so only year neither team had it was Ravens vs 49ers ............ betting on 49ers was stupid i know they tied vs div rival Rams and the QB was green only had 7 games under belt HE was not a rookie but very little experience as a starter.

in other words a fraud and game was over at half time even tho they mounted a strong come back But Ravens D was prepared for kapernick and HC plays .

Heres another 100% system i just discovered any team that ate a bagel in season has never gotten to a Bowl.

68 times it happend from 1999 - 2013 many teams 5 times 12 teams lost in playoff  Whoaaaaaaaa baby.


The Playoff loser lost by 2nd round none saw finals.

NY JETS now added will be number 69 well no chit they are 1-4 right now.

I'm wondering what other new systems i find LOL i need a larger book now.

Heres another i just discovered  Teams tend to fail vs any team before playing @ a div rival's home two so far are The Jets before Patriots roadies Raiders before chargers roads are 2 -9 or was it broncos? whatever next year thats something you have to do look at teams before div road games or home games like when playing wherever at home or away how do they perform before playing certain rival.


Bengals are good before Playing Steelers ...... They do not look ahead to the boss of that div.

Think i'll start using word pad for next year but it's hard doing online i like seeing in ink in my face so i can spot errors if i make an error on screen by using another teams page i will not catch it.

Could spot it months after when i have in ink i would not be able to see it on screen because i did not hard copy my data. I have few errors in this website,blog already stone missed certain spots all corrected now.

ANOTHER 100% system fade Fade any team after finally beating a div rival who owned them for years.

Heres the ones i recall that went kaboom 1st was The Dolphins owned by Jets for 8 years could not beat them Win catching jets falt after getting trounced by rival Patriots next week Dolphins on Road - 3 points @ Cheiefs i blinked wait a min they are favored? Plus it was sandwhich game they had Patriots up next at home and Pats were defending champs WELL i call up my sports book at that time it was the greek line is correct i ask whats the money line She says Dolphins - 135 I say so Chiefs are what ? She says +120 I say ok give me Chiefs TO Win the game outright for $500  Wow they got smoked 48- 25 LOL.

Next Was Eagles after being owned by Giants for 6 yrs 12 times they lost Finally win at Giants as a 3 point dog 10- 9 Home favored by 1 1/2 to the Raiders See that sucker line? Taste the lollipop guys Vegas dosent hand out gifts on tiny favorites ........ Eagles lost to Raiders s/u 10-20 that was in 01

Next one i recall was the Raiders Owned by Chargers forever the longest win streak of all NFL 13 straight losses +7 win at home 35-27 next game acros the bay @ 49ers +7 LOST game 9-17

Buffalo bills Finally Beat Patriots in a run over 2nd half after losing 21-0 at half   in 2011 as a 7 pt pup next game Favored Away @ Bengals by 3 points ???? TY Vegas for free money shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell them they keep fucking up;; they win enough every year um close game BUT Bills lost 23-20.

This is one thing Odds makers cannot put a number because it involves the human emotional side of the sport and it's involved in every pro sport plus college foots i spotted it some times but i do not watch NCAAF

however it happens.

 Team just won over top two conf. teams huge games next game vs an ok team thats at home but the big bad team is in flat spot with bigger game up next say vs miami canes come in heavy favorite - 35 pts and OMFG LOST the game! No money lines availble here not with that spread it would destroy odds makers the dog price would be +1000's to your 100$ rule of thumb is +130 for every 3 points.

Another Thing Vegas is only a sports betting market it dosent matter who you buy same damn price

$1.10 for either team in lined games which are only basketball and football.

I was wondering what would happen if Vegas took points away and we only had Money lines to bet with?

1st off aint no more ties vs the number unless teams end in a tie in reg season rare it happens but it does.

YOU aint losing to a FG any more. Like down by 10 getting 7 1/2 kick a fg try onside to score TD


yeah yeah it happens  I know i know but let me show you how to avoid this  IF you backing a chalk of 3 points or 3 1/2 Your favorite team has to be way ahead late in game by 12 points NOT 10 or 7 12 points.

SO see how teams perform in second half of games does coach play not to lose? Then you lose to spreads a lot this team will not cover spreads many times in other words they go conservative and play prevent defense

they just let foe run in that chews up clock let them score with only few secs left on clock aint no way to kick on sides and win game Hey it's allowed you do not need to score any more YOU just want to win and send team home or you go home with a W thats all these teams want they do not look at spreads all though i know they do see it and laugh seeing they are 19 point home favorite or higher like Denver was last year - 26  1/2  Vs Jags that was record high ever even more than Pats when trying for perfect season.

NEW super system league wide Fade the NON playoff teams as fav. of any vs any team

they burnt money past 11 years from 2004 - 2014 W29 L 42 and many lost game s/u 29 times lost game and $ thats more than 1/2 of the 49 losses some were DD favs - 14 miami vs Texans

I can go back to 1989 but it's too long ago some teams won and covered all thier games like steelers vs Browns of course Browns week 1 bad game of year this year tho steelers blew it - 6 squeaked a 3 point win after demloshing browns 1st half 27 - 3 ..reason i just found out why two veteran defenders left steelers Lamarr Woodley Mich U and Larry Foote Mich U! Any way YOU win 59.15 % and $1010 NET profit

IF you take ML plus points YOU won way more 29 games average pay out +145 guessing wooo thats $4205 more added to $1010 = $5212 - the loss of $3190 = $2025 NET and a fat juicy profit per of

$184.09 over 11 years. SO you now have something more to add for week 1 next year.

This year they all went 0-6 100% losers Rams - 4 lost s/u  to Vikes who came in with rookie HC and assts.

Jets - 6 lost $ to Raiders and it was an Early 1 pm game oooo darn Texans waxed the bad redskins ok 1-6


Buccaneers - 2 1/2 L s/u to playoff team div. Rival Panthers opssssssss Lions won vs NYG but that was because game was dedicate to owner who passed away etc.. with half time ceremony mourning so i dont count that one there was human emotion involved in that win therefore next week fade Lions @ Panthers they will crash off huge Emotional win 100% guarantee. Cards L$ To Chagers second MNF game which i do not count as reg MNF game. it's not the same most people cant watch it because it end at 1 am EST.

OK now you have more armor to bust your Bookies next year BET against The Teams that were not in playoffs that are favored BUT remember the bad teams will get buried Bills Browns Raiders Titans too.

ADD in fade all favored Playoff teams except the defending Champs on that thursday night opener and if Packers are playing revenge game take the favorite at home lat year 49ers - 5 squeaked a 6 pt win with second late FG which was a pussy win I call it. I took packers on Teaser only made them + 11 BUT your defending Champs got waxed at Denver they came without most of champion ship players and had a bad year worse than all defending champs.

Have to dig through all Teams before playing div rivals at HOME or Away so far we have two Raiders before Chargers road games are 2-9 Jets before Patriots Road games are 4- 9 ! cardinals before Rams home games are 3-9 ATS BUT 100% s/u losers 3 times as a dog won the cash ..........

But i have all year to do it after season is over I will only use from 2002 up to 2013 now then add in the 2014 results I think it will be huge this is just simply letting down or looking ahead to a DIV rival matchup.

Now for rules of gambling what not to do & DO  never ever ; omg i was victim of breaking these rules and i lost every time.

Never BET more than you can afford to lose aka as money management wiseguys and sharps have proven this to be very profitable and they win every year they risk only 2% - 3% of bankroll daily. NOT per game for the day be it 2 games or 6 games. IF you have cash in hand to bet with each week say it's $500 you can only wager maximum for the day $25 yes 5% of course with offshore books that could be 5 games at $5 each but thats it thats your risk amount $25 to win $22.50 are We clear?

NEVER bet when tired, hungry, drunk or high. Brain is in false state of mind cannot function and you will lose.

Cmon man you seen it in casinos, ever see a winning drunk? NO ;and i hammered them all at poker tables 7 card stud.

 NEVER bet for the sake of having action. As in : your out with buddies you all decide you like the Packers - 3 VS 49ers YOU place bets there with local or call up your bookies and guess what 100% you all lost game and spread Packers got hammered in GB 24-10 or something like that.

Never bet when under stress from life at home could be bills or the wife or family member in hospital you have to visit on game day and your looking at your watch because it's close to kickoff.

When your life is a mess your gambling will be a mess 100%

Also i will personally come to you if you ever chase losses and smack you upside the head so hard your brain will rattle! Think about this a minute why are you doubling up on the late games? BECAUSE YOU LOST thats why. IF you won your in good mood and can make another wager for more or less or same amount as before.

I chased and lost every week SO have you stop it now forever There's reason you lost the game go back look over everything YOU will find it ---it's all in my systems now so i make it easy for you.

This blog stays here forever YOU now can update next year and forever by getting a copy of the Marc lawrence playbook and start new like i am next year from 2002 up through this year BUT maybe stay with 15 years of div. teams because they always were in that div.

Only teams moved out of old div formats are Cardinals from NFC east to NFC west

Seahawks from afc west to NFC west Colts from afc east to afc south Jags & titans  from afc north to afc south Buccaneers from NFC north to NFC south Saints from NFC west to NFC south and Falcons also which makes it hard not to use when they were in 49ers div. BUT new div from 2002 so i list thier div games from new div format.

At top of each team YOU will see PF points scored and PA points allowed for each team from last year 2013 REG. Season only! YOU need these numbers to handicap vs the spread for 1st two weeks because 1 game is not enough to use like if a team wins 28- 3 week 1 that would make you say wow they will demolish this team in week 2 who barely won vs sub 500 team from last year @ home or who lost huge by 21 or more points.

This is why you lost these games NOT realizing that the winner played a very bad team with no real Veteran starters in place a losing team from last year 2-14 S/U does not make any team a champion power house in one week!  Will show results in new video when to spot these trap games. EVERY YEAR it happens and about 20 games YOU will have a way overvalued favorite Because other team got BBQ'd and your spread will be -7 or more I seen teams lose to 16 point underdogs every year especially if it was A road favorite.

  I like to call these the IF systems as in IF this happens this week do this next week so i can map out possible plays for the year using the notes section on each team.

ALSO many things are effected when teams have a bye week so when something happens then a team is rested disregard it DO NOT use any system unless i specify that even after rest that team fails.

OPPPPPPPSSS just forgot to put this league wide system in 95% or higher FADE any Team after beating the defending Champs especially if it was a DOG s/u winner then favored NEXT game.

Also I  noticed  when any team lays down before playing the champs gets walloped by 17 or more points then plays at home or away vs champs as a DOG and loses the game but covers the spread  100% LOSERS in Next game without rest I'll show later in this blog teams that failed 2  i recall was Bucs before playing @ Packers 49ers before playing Saints @ San fran both teams covered lost the game then  both teams went KABOOM next week!

THE most wacky unreal system ever in NFL

 THE Tampa Bay Buccaneers CURSE.

Exception of Saints who went bench final 3 games of year when they won the bowl!!!

 Any team That LOST To the Bucs in season never won a super bowl 3 teams got there and still lost the bowl the dolphins vs 49ers the old LA rams vs steelers The NEW st lou Rams favored by 14 to Patriots LOST the Bowl.

IT dosent matter if team wasnt playoff eligible or not! LOSING to the BUCS means NO win super bowl only 3 teams got there the others never saw the bowl either lost in P O 's or just didn't qualify YOU can search that term in google or Yahoo and see who failed and when THE CURSE of Tampa Bay!

OK here we go each team listed in their worse spots and best spots. I also will make another video for you all so you see how to handicap the games vs the spread and using schedules and charting teams ats.



Handicapping system  Goes to You tube website Different than the one you see embedded here


I'm Here To PUMP YOU UP LOL. Feel it now feel the power? YOU have from me my years of losing as i told you on the phone from when i was 17 thru 30 years old i could have funded 3 college educations losing about $220 every week to bookies.  yes $48,620 .

I'll have to dig back to 99 in some situations to see if we have value or maybe just 2002 to 2013because next year thats what i'm doing.  2002 up thru 2014 13 years maybe cut it too past 10 yrs I'll have all year to play around with new systems but YOU stick with i show for updating stay with 13 years so you have enough games to use to have value for future remember even tho many teams had multiple HC's and player changes their solid systems stayed the same CARDS home finals i tracked back to late 80's and they still were strong bets 78% Wins ats BUT thats way too long ago different rules changes different field turf's etc..

Had it out with one idiot in big sports forum he dissed all my systems saying he had results for past 29 yrs. LOL That my 75% system was only 50% HE posted some martingale chase system to be 100% back tested 5 years wound up blowing up in his face in MLB  HE called it The Greatest System ever ....BUT you had to wait for him to post what teams to chase on.


 There fore there was no system. 

I have systems you simply plug in any team in that system and BOOM you will win your wager 65% of the time. YOU do not need me to tell YOU what team to Bet on or against. Any way to register in that forum i must switch my ip address to another state  if i try registering from my IP address i'm banned instantly. Want to Know why? Because i posted huge Winners for FREE and called out thier touts as phonies aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa screw it bunch of kiddies in that forum IF you want real people who actually helped out members with cash gifts go join forums I'm there as ScrapmanThey have cash contest many different forums also.





                   AFTER scoring 100 PTS > 5 games Cap 

Remember when adding this up after the 1st 5 are done or 3 or 4 YOU DO NOT use the 1st game You start at 2nd game and add up from game 2 - 6  LIKE this  20 pts 25 pts. 35 pts 20pts = 100 pts in 4 games so next series would be from 25 pts then 35 then 20 then maybe only 6 pts = 86 then maybe only 10 pts = 96 in 5 games so we stop there and start at 35 pts then add up to 5 games.

OK NOW REVIEW THIS ONE TEAMS strongest fade section  THE VIKINGS from above and showing how much you can expect to MAKE per year by updating every year  to see if teams change in certain spots or remain the same as in Cardinals amazing 92.3% fade when flipping roles 1 win 12 losses ATS 0-4 vs div teams and 3 times lost game as a chalk when playing div. foes.
   POST 10-19 pt. S/U Margins 

Off Wins W12--28L 4- 11 in div 8-17 Non div fade 70 freaking %

Off Losses 10W--23L 6- 11 in div.  4--12 Non div. fade 69.69%

 grab your calculator just this section 10-19 pt s/u margins of wins and losses lets add up the $$ YOU Made over past 11 years and most likely will continue on this year.
ok add up the larger numbers 28 + 17 + 23 +12 = 80 WINS For YOU 4 + 8 + 6 +4  = 22 LOSSES  you won 80 bets lost 22  78.43 % WINNERS so 22 X $110= - $2420  YOU won $8000 - $2420 = $5580 net profit divide by past 11 years 2002 - 2013 $507.27 per year Made.
 Now lets figure you have all 32 teams in certain spots like this their weakest ones where you fade and their strongest ones when you bet on. 32 times 507.27 per year =$16,232.64 per year at $100 per game at $50 per game = $8116.32 at $25 per game $4058.16 at smallest wagered allowed by Vegas $5 $1014.54Now imagine if i had say 1000 people in Vegas using these systems every year ......... You better believe vegas will be adjusting spreads faster than a runaway train going downhill.

1000 people times $16,232.64 ok round off to $16,233= $16,233,000 MILLION per year that all vegas sports books LOST to those 1000 people.  But any way i have had about 200 people buy these systems and they came from all over USA few came from other countries so ain't going to happen that i get 1000 people who live near or in Vegas using these systems 200 people bought since 1997and i started out with only $25 all printed up and shipped to each customer like yeah i didnt make much back then.

Of Course this means we would have to bet the whole card every week and we do not have $1600 to lay out each week. 

WE are restricted to max 6 games per week and it aint $100 each game most likely $25 or less so we aint really busting any local bookies $150 total wagered figure win 4 lose 2 on average.

= $45 net X 17 weeks $765 for the year BUT as your bank roll grows so will your wagers staying at 5% max i mean WTF even if you really blow it one or two weeks go 0 for 6 or 0 for 4 after week 10 your betting $100 per game or more IF you do not touch that betting bank roll for anything but betting NFL.


BIG question in every forum is can you make a living out of betting sports? 100% NO not us. YOU would have to live out in Vegas and every day of the year handicap each sport and find that edge on 2 or 6 games. Most likely you are alone in some small house or apartment. NOT the kind of life i want to lead.

I do not know today if the sharps n wise guys out there how they live.
SO Now your armed prepared and you get lucky taking advantage of an opportunity.

I also have other systems for NBA and horses too that win me 1000's per year.
Best Wishes to YOU and YOURS Bill Fermano Mrbookiekiller on you tube

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